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The PREPARED Series: Childbirth and Motherhood

The PREPARED Series: Childbirth and Motherhood with Jill Birt

By Clara Hayes

If you’re currently pregnant, not only is your body busy creating an incredible human, but your quest to find the right prenatal and childbirth classes before your nine months is up can be a feat of its own. Thankfully, the incredible Jill Birt- yogi, mother & registered nurse- regularly offers something especially unique in the world of prenatal yoga. Her PREPARED series not only leads you through prenatal adapted yoga practices, but also prepares your body, mind & soul for the birthing & life of your new baby. Jill is here to help you gain a deeper understanding of the connection between mind, body and spirit and learn ways to apply this knowledge through labor, delivery and into motherhood. 

So, what makes PREPARED different than other prenatal and childbirth classes? Similar to traditional childbirth classes, you can expect to be educated on the process of labor and delivery, but unlike a traditional class Jill will guide you through an understanding of the process from both scientific and energetic perspectives. PREPARED is also a series, meaning you will progress through the classes with the same group of expecting mamas, with individualized attention along the way. Jill’s Prenatal website,, really describes this series best. She states:

“Each class of this series is structured with a specific intention in mind. These set intentions weave their way throughout class in the form of discussion, breathwork, movement and meditation allowing you to fully embody the teachings of the class. Topics of discussion include ideals such as fostering your mind-body connection, understanding the process of labor from both a scientific and energetic viewpoint, and tools to manage labor, delivery and motherhood. Each class will also include a guided take home reference to allow you to continue your practice at home as well as guide you through your labor when the time comes. The series will end with a spiritual blessing ceremony for all participants to solidify the community of connection and bless the way for your journey into motherhood.” 

We hope to offer another PREPARED series soon!

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