Moon Medicine

Saturday, January 11, 2020
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Soul Strong Yoga LLC, 309 W Main St, Round Rock, United States

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Life is full of cycles- the passing hours of the day, the turn of seasons, the mandala of the year.

Begin 2020- this new cycle, a new decade- with fresh clarity and renewal of purpose through the lens of astrology. The afternoon begins with a zodiacal-inspired yoga practice, followed by a cosmic chat on the year’s major astrological themes. Together, we’ll explore the timelines of these importance events, including the Grand Conjunction and planetary retrograde dates. We’ll also discuss helpful remedies to promote greater ease, understanding and choice as you embark on your new year.

About the Instructor: Stacy Wooster

Working with human form and function since 2002, Stacy holds credentials as a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga therapist. Her sessions and classes interweave observations from body reading, intuitive understanding, and grounded application of nearly 20 years of practice and study. An astrology enthusiast since she was very young, she began to formally study astrology in 2012, working with several mentors, and now offers chart readings and workshops. She intertwines her knowledge of yoga, massage, and astrology with studies in herbalism as well and layers all these skills to help her clients and students alchemize their lives.

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