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10 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Updated: April 7, 2023

Here are Some of Our Top Picks for Online Yoga Teacher Training

Online learning is no longer just an option– it has become the norm!  High-quality yoga schools, like Soul Strong Yoga, now offer their incredible in-person trainings at a fraction of the cost online.

If you’re interested in learning more about online yoga teacher training, keep reading…

There are countless yoga teacher training programs available online, however, not all training programs are made equal. They might be at the top of the list on your result search page, however, you still need to be certain that they are engaging, supportive, and high-quality to get your money’s worth! Also, it’s a good idea to see if the programs you’re interested in are also registered with Yoga Alliance.

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is the leading non-profit organization representing the yoga community. Having a yoga training program registered with Yoga Alliance is a symbol of quality.

To make things easier, we have listed the top 10 best yoga certification programs, certified by Yoga Alliance:

best online yoga teacher training certification 200 hour

#1 Soul Strong Yoga

Soul Strong Yoga is a 200-hour Online Yoga Training that reflects the outstanding caliber of their 200-hour in-person training, which has a 5-Star Yoga Alliance rating. It is the only online program we could find where trainees have regular access to the lead 500 E-RYT trainers, which is an incredible value! In addition, Soul Strong Yoga stays true to its charitable roots and donates 10% of all tuition payments to Care India! Soul Strong Yoga offers affordable pricing and payment plans as well. In addition, Soul Strong Yoga is offering is currently running a huge sale on their 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training!

The SALE PRICE is only $347. There are also payment plans available at no extra charge!

Soul Strong Yoga’s Heart-Centered Approach to Online YTT:

Soul Strong Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance and a 5-Star Rated 200 hour yoga teacher training online program! All graduates of our program can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 and become part of our strong (Soul Strong) alumni network.

Three Certifications are included in our fully self-paced Online Yoga Teacher Training:

1. 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

2. Fundamentals of Meditation Teacher Certification

3. Fundamentals of Pranayama Teacher Certification

Training Duration: 200 hours; Self-Paced

Price: Paid in full $347. Payment plans are available at no extra charge. Scholarships are available too!

Learn more and book here:

#2  Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

Yoga Uplifted is created by Brett Larkin, a veteran yoga teacher trainer, in 2015 and is known to be the first totally online yoga teacher training. Aspiring yoga teachers will avail a structured program, focused, and aligned to their values.

Weekly live calls are done to check each student’s progress, and once they completed their certification, they can develop their personal signature meditation that they can teach in their own future yoga class business.

Yoga Uplifted offers 300- and 500-hours Yoga Teacher Training to those who wish to advance their yoga teaching careers.  They are also famous for their online Pregnant and Powerful Prenatal Yoga classes. 

Training Duration: 200/300/500 hours; 4 months: 8-10 hours a week

Price: Starts at $2850

#3 YogaRenew 

YogaRenew, a pioneer in online training, features virtual teacher training programs that are comprehensive, well-executive classes of all aspects of yoga, and a lifetime wealth of information.

Training course materials include recorded video lectures, where you can access on multiple devices, and curated print materials such as handouts and workbooks with exercises that help students stay motivated and interested in learning. Students can join live Zoom calls to connect to their 500RYT-teachers for support.

YogaRenew’s believes in imparting long-lasting, accessible, and affordable yoga knowledge to a worldwide audience. Their training format is flexible, a good option for independent students. 

Training Duration: 200/300/500 hours; Self-Paced

Price: Starts at $2850

#4 Siddhi Yoga 

Since 2013, Siddhi Yoga has been recognized as one of the top Yoga Schools in India. Their online training program offers quality yet affordable and multi-faceted yoga modules.

For interactive classes, students will have live weekly Zoom sessions with real world-class Indian teachers, who have been mastering the art of yoga for years. Additional course materials are lifetime access and update of yoga manuals and video lessons. Siddhi Yoga’s online teacher training guarantees an international community that will support you throughout your journey to become a well-versed yoga instructor. 

Training Duration: 100/200/300/500 hours; Self-Paced

Price: $379 USD if paid in full (Save 25%), $165 USD/month 3 monthly installments 

#5 Drishti Beats

Drishti Beats is established by a trio of award-winning industry leaders, Lori Lowell and her husband Jeremy Lowell, and Asaf B. Goldfrid, with over 25 years of hands-on experience in fitness education.

Their online yoga teacher training course includes passive learning materials that are filmed around the world and an adaptive learning platform that tailors to each of the student’s individual styles and availability. Weekly live calls with students are done to ensure that everyone is on track with the lessons.

Promising a thoroughly developed course, Drishti Beat’s philosophy is to teach yoga with integrity. 

Training Duration: 200/300 hours; Self-Paced

Price: $1,188 USD Pay as You Learn, $266/month 3 monthly installments, $689 Full Payment

#6 East+West Yoga 

Considered as one of the largest yoga training schools in the world, East+West is notable for its combination of innovative, authentic, and modern classes thought by master-level levels yoga teachers from all over the world

They take pride in their cutting-edge teaching techniques that integrate spiritual and professional life. 

Training Duration: 200/300 hours; Self-Paced

Price: $1150 Early Bird, $1350 Full Payment 

#7 Become Yoga School 

Become Yoga School, created by Jewel Elizabeth, who has been a talent manager and mentor Equinox and FitHouse NYC, is a New York City-based yoga school that provides integrative and multi-learning style training courses. Affordable and self-paced, Become Yoga School’s online yoga teacher training helps student build their dream career by giving them necessary tools such as downloadable manuals, video teach-back, and printable pose flashcards. 

Training Duration: 200 hours; 30, 60, or 90 days  Self-Paced

Price: $797 Full Payment, $328 in 3 payments 

#8 My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice has a personalized online yoga teacher training that teaches traditional yogic principles and history. Throughout the training course, students will receive electronic manuals, pre-recorded video lectures, recorded practices with the creator and lead instructor: Michelle Young, live weekend lectures (Saturdays and Sundays via Zoom), and podcasts content, along with having practice teaching opportunities so future yoga instructors will obtain the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to teach others. They maintain access to training materials for life and get to virtually meet MVP community members from around the globe. 

Training Duration:  200/300/500 hours; Self-Paced

Price: $425 Full Payment, $233.55/ month in 4 payments

#9 Radiant Warrior Online Yoga & Mindfulness by Yoga Farm Ithaca

Yoga Farm Ithaca is a 501c3 non-profit organization, appraised for being one of the best training for beginners who wants to pursue a career as yoga teachers. World-renowned teacher training thought by Christopher Grant, RYT500, Daniela Hess, MsED, CTACC, RYT500, and Jeannie O’Neill, MSeD, E-RYT500  are the lead Educators and Directors of Yoga Farm Ithaca.

The training program composes of transformative live online “classrooms”, weekly live online, recorded videos, podcasts, and manuals. Students will also learn to manage their online presence for their future yoga teaching career in one of the modules offered. 

Training Duration:  200/300 hours; 3 months

Price: $425 if paid in full, $233.55/ month in 4 payments

#10 Santosha Yoga

Santosha Yoga takes pride in its flexible, family-friendly, and comprehensive online yoga teacher training course, comprising of pre-of recorded Online Yoga Teacher Training Video Modules and live content (via zoom). To accommodate their international students, Santosha generates their schedule each month according to students’ availability and time zones

Students will not only obtain certification to teach yoga classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide but also the lifelong knowledge, passion, and conviction of a fully certified Yoga Teacher. 

Training Duration:  200/300/5 hours; Self-paced

Price: $ 1,490 Australian Dollars if paid in full

Wondering if there are free online yoga teacher training programs?

This is definitely a question we get a lot, especially as many of us have experienced financial loss and higher costs in the past few years! Soul Strong Yoga does offer scholarship to our online yoga teacher program. You can read more here. If even with the Soul Strong Yoga scholarship, you still cannot afford the program. Please reach out to us directly at, and we will see if we can offer a full scholarship to our program for you! Soul Strong Yoga is truly dedicated to inclusivity!

Are there any other 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training programs you like? Email us at, and let us know! <3