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Anti-Racist Resources for Yoga Practitioners

Contributors: Cecily Rodgers, Clara Hayes, India Phillips, Julie Afsahi

Soul Strong Yoga stands with the Black community. Black lives matter. As a yoga studio seeking to promote wellness, we recognize the global health crises at hand, acute (COVID-19 pandemic) and chronic (institutionalized white supremacy). The yoga practice encourages us daily to turn inward, listen, reflect, and take action. Doing so can often be intimidating, especially in the throes of discomfort, but it is truly necessary work. To assist our students in deepening their knowledge and taking steps towards informed action against white supremacy with us, we’ve provided some resources below that we believe are solid starting points to developing an anti-racist practice as a yoga practitioner or teacher; we’ve also included a list of Black-owned businesses to support.

At Soul Strong Yoga, we have a racially and ethnically diverse staff and membership base. We value this diversity of yogis joining us in person and virtually so much. We want to provide refuge for those who are exhausted from the trauma of the ubiquitous and ever-threatening racism that they witness and endure as a result of simply existing as a Black person in this world. We want to provide self-care and nourishment for all. 

Yoga is a practice of diligence and keen discernment, going beyond ideals. With this same framework, Soul Strong Yoga is working towards this vision of refuge from trauma, taking steps against white supremacy in the health industry, and providing self-care for all people in the following ways:

-Hiring anti-racist consultants to improve our current yoga training curriculum and to develop a robust social justice component of our 300-hour level training 

-Providing our current staff and leaders with professional development opportunities to do anti-racist work in teaching yoga which will in turn benefit our clients’ experience

-Adding a page to our website for yogis and yoga teachers to find a living library of anti-racist resources including those below

On Spiritual Bypassing:

When Spiritual Bypassing Meets Racism Meets Gaslighting

I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (part one)

When White Women Practice the Politics of Polite, The Violence of Nice

Yoga and Cultural Appropriation: 

Exploring Yoga and Cultural Appropriation with Nisha Ahuja

Roopa Singh

8 Signs Your Yoga Practice is Culturally Appropriated- And Why It Matters

On De-Colonizing the Yoga Practice:

How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being Yoga Journal: Roots, Reverence, Representation and Reparations

On Intersectionality:

Why Intersectionality Can’t Wait

Journaling Exercises to Explore White Privilege:

Expressive Writing Prompts to Use if You’ve Been Accused of #WhiteFragility, #SpiritualBypass, or #WhitePrivilege

Black Folx to Follow in Yoga, Wellness, Spirituality, and Education:

Dianne Bondy

Jessamyn Stanley

Jonelle Lewis

Koya Webb

Andrea Ranae

Rachel Cargle

Michelle Johnson

Angel Kyodo Williams

Ijeoma Oluo

Melanie Holst-Collins

Lily Shephard

Jasmeen Wilson 

Raina Gradford 

Tierra Denae 

Ciara Love 

Jasmine Roussell 


Ebony Smith 

Chris Isom

Sonya Renee Taylor

Dr. Gail Parker

Teri Williams


Lauren Larry

In Her Love

The R.O.S.E Project

Nina Rose

Kitty McSparkles

Renee Watkins

Dara – Pint Size Nurse

Priscilla – Embodiment Coach

Davina Davidson

Melanin Yoga Project

Melanin Moves TV

Tamika Caston-Miller

Ashley Rideaux

Raquel Nweze


Octavia Raheem

LoveHER Retreats

The Ranch Houston

The Body is Not an Apology

The Adaway Group

Every Level Leads

Black Disability Collective Twitter

Local Black-Owned Businesses in Fitness and Wellness:


Black Lives Matter

Off the Mat, Into the World

Austin Justice Coalition


Austin Area Urban League Young Professionals