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Yoga for Runners

By adding yoga to your weekly cross-training routine, you won’t need to wait until your body feels worn down, or injury is upon you, to recover from your mileage. Your cross-training and recovery can now be an integral part of your time at Soul Strong. We’ll help you increase flexibility, work through tight spots, enhance strength, and prevent injury. Our classes are perfect for all-levels of athletes!

To learn more, I interviewed Soul Strong teacher and runner Alyssa about her experience as a runner and a yogi. Check out the interview below, and sign up to join Alyssa on our schedule HERE!

CLARA: First, I’d love to know more about you. What’s your background with both running and yoga?

ALYSSA: I have always been active in lots of ways, but I really started taking up both yoga and running as my primary forms of exercise in college. I moved to Austin and discovered great yoga studios and teachers AND the Town Lake trail. I was hooked! I signed up for my first marathon in 2006 on a bit of a whim. I had never participated in a race further than a 10k! As my training progressed, I began to utilize my yoga practice more and more to keep my body and mind balanced, to recover faster, and to avoid injury.

I’ve run 7 marathons and dozens of half marathons…in 5 different states! These days, as a mom of two young boys, most of my runs are MUCH shorter and usually involve pushing a stroller or chasing after my 4-year-old on his scooter. 

Both my running and my yoga practices have ebbed and flowed through the years. I find such value in both. 

CLARA: What are some of the biggest benefits of adding yoga into one’s routine as a runner?

ALYSSA: Running and walking move the body in only one direction on repeat. This can result in muscular imbalances, and over time, lead to injury. Adding in yoga can help correct those imbalances. It also serves to help restore, strengthen and stretch muscles, and provide stability to our joints! 

I really believe it’s the perfect compliment to a running regimen. It is a fabulous recovery activity. The proper yoga practice, which students will learn through Yoga for Runners, can make you a better, stronger, less injury-prone runner.

Want to join us on the mat? Check out our schedule and sign up HERE. Looking to learn more about running and yoga? Explore the links below!






Want to deepen your knowledge of yoga for runners? Check out Soul Strong Yoga’s online and self-paced Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training at www.teachyogaforall.com. You’ll become a 200 hour certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance with a specialization in vinyasa yoga for all people.

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