The Truth about CBD: An Interview with OneFarm Clinical Advisor, Kaya Dupuis

If you’re a Soul Strong regular, you’ve likely seen our premium supply of CBD products in the gift shop. The decision to stock OneFarm by WAAYB CBD products was one that came with a lot of research, ensuring our yogis receive the best products possible. OneFarm is a seed to shelf company, meaning they oversee the processing of their products the entire way through. One of only a few USDA certified organic CBD companies, OneFarm products even taste good! But did you know that we have receptor cells for cannabinoids on every cell in the body? Meaning, the human relationship with hemp and CBD products goes way back. So while CBD might be trending, it’s truly here for the long haul. With health benefits ranging from reducing anxiety to relieving pain, it’s important to know the facts. I recently got the chance to speak with Kaya, OneFarm Clinical Advisor and longtime Clinical Homeopath and Functional Medicine Consultant at People’s Pharmacy. I wanted to know: why CBD? Why OneFarm? And what can CBD do for the modern yogi? Check out the interview below to learn more about the magic that is CBD and why you might begin to incorporate it into your everyday life!

CLARA: Why choose OneFarm with so many brands on the market? How can shoppers know they’re making the best choice? 

KAYA: It’s the wild, wild West out there right now [in terms of CBD products on the market.] Besides the restriction that [CBD products] must have less than .3% THC, the hemp industry is basically unregulated at this point. The only standard that is in place to ensure purity of product is the USDA certified organic process. There are a lot of companies that claim to be organic, but only a handful of companies have actually gone through the hassle of getting that USDA certification. OneFarm was the first. What we’re seeing, unfortunately, because of hemp’s ability to absorb contaminants, and farmers unknowingly having contaminated hemp, when products are tested, it’s extraordinary what we’re finding. Safe, clean, and effective product is that which is certified USDA organic. Other than that, you really don’t know. 

CLARA: Besides looking for USDA organic, what else should shoppers look out for on a CBD product label? 

KAYA: Full-spectrum [on the label] is the other critical piece of that puzzle. You’ll see “THC free” products out there, and there’s a very small demographic that that’s going to be appropriate for because, as we know, Mother Nature doesn’t do things without a reason. These two aspects of the plant [CBD and THC] work synergistically together. You’re missing out on so much of the other spectrum of activity [when fully removing THC]. [THC and CBD] are almost like little tugboats, if you will, guiding certain cannabinoids to certain receptor sites [in the brain]. Once those are absent, or decreased significantly, then the efficacy of the cannabinoids themselves is greatly diminished. Unless your livelihood depends on it, you’re a UPS driver or flight attendant and they do drug screening all the time, then there’s really no reason anyone would want anything less than a robust, dynamic, full-spectrum CBD product. 

CLARA: Which product is most accessible to someone just beginning to try CBD? What’s the CBD starter kit? 

KAYA: For the first time, I recommend 5-10 milligrams around dinner time or before bed. A nice starting point for everyone is getting the 300mg bottle. Lemon is the most popular flavor. 5-10mg directly in the mouth, and then see how you feel. It also depends on what you’re trying to accomplish! What are your goals or symptoms? And then from there, we’ll adjust.

There is a water soluble extract that is new that I love, because it provides a really easy compliance for microdosing (taking small amounts throughout the day), because it dilutes beautifully in water or other liquids. You can throw it into your water bottle, and sip off of it throughout the day that way. It doesn’t need to be metabolised by the liver, because it’s water soluble, so it’s fast-acting, and for some people, it’s hard-hitting, so I wouldn’t necessarily start everybody out on that one. 

CLARA: Any last thoughts you’d like to share with our yogis? 

KAYA: I’ll be honest, I was a skeptic because I had certain associations [with CBD] that were biased and uneducated. And after putting that aside, I’ve never been so awed and humbled by what I have seen this plant be able to do for us. And that’s a big statement having worked with nutraceuticals for 15 years. I feel that there is a very sacred and special relationship that we have to this plant, and I’m so glad that it’s reemerging.

For more information about CBD, check out OneFarm’s website HERE. Find information about usage, dosage, the seed to shelf process, and more! 

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