how to know if you are ready for yoga teacher training

How to Know You’re Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

Svadhyaya is the practice of self study. At some point in the yoga practice, most yogis feel a greater need for depth in the practice. Curiosity begins to blossom outside of the 60-minute drop-in class, and self-initiated study begins. This is when I believe the vast greatness of the practice begins to reveal itself: the moment your knowledge seeking is self-motivated, and feels essential. Your curiosity may lean towards perusing the bookshelves after class or signing up for yoga workshops, but if your thirst isn’t quite satisfied, it might be time to consider yoga teacher training. Here at Soul Strong Yoga, our next 200 hour yoga teacher training begins this February! A 200 Hour certification certifies you to teach yoga, but it is so much more than that. During yoga teacher training, and the start of in-depth svadhyaya, you’ll dive deep into yogic concepts, experience them first hand, learn how to teach, and then…click. The pieces of your yogic education will begin to culminate into a deeper understanding and application. You will discover not only more about the yoga practice, but more about yourself. It’s a time of both turning inward- reflecting and growing, as well as reaching outward and sharing as you teach.

At Soul Strong Yoga, we equip teacher trainees to hold space for diverse yogis and teach through a lens of inclusivity. We also help trainees dive deep into their own practices, graduating with confidence in a wide array of areas, from yoga philosophy to safe body alignment. We are here to support all trainees, provide a beautiful space in which to flourish, and build a loving group of friends in the yoga community. 

To learn more or ask questions, contact our Student Experience and Engagement Coordinator, Maddie at We can’t wait for you to join us!

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