Harvest Moon Mini Retreat with Sepi and Jessica

Saturday, September 24, 2022
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Soul Strong Yoga, 309 West Main St. Suite #121, Round Rock, TX, 78644

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There’s a shift in energy with the fall equinox, as the day and night become equals. This shift signals the beginning of longer nights to come. It is a time to turn our attention inwards, as we open our palms in a gesture of release under the full Harvest Moon. Now is the time to build our inner light as we move toward more shadowed times of the year.

Join Jessica and Sepi for Harvest Moon Mini Retreat at Soul Strong Yoga. Our evening includes a yoga flow practice, a healing gong bath, restorative savasana, moon ceremony, and special treats! Our practice together will create space for you to dispel unwanted thoughts, patterns, habits and to trust our intuition as the co-creators of our lives.

Moon Magic is lovingly designed to help release any heavy burdens and co-create our futures with the magnetic power of the Moon. We’ll open with intention setting opportunities before moving through a 60 minute moon salutation flow and a 30 minute restorative gong bath.

We’ll close our time together with the opportunity to participate in moon and fall equinox rituals and to enjoy delicious treats in community.


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