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Julie Afsahi

Studio Owner

Theme song for your life: Human Behavior by Bjork
Favorite yoga pose and why: Half Moon Pose because I love how my body is stretching in all directions.
Favorite post yoga snack: Smoothie from Juiceland, most likely the Wundershowzen.
Top 3 Emojis: I'm terrible at using emojis - I don't understand how people locate them so fast.
Five-word mantra: "Don't sweat the small stuff."

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Sarah White

Theme song for your life: Hang Loose by Alabama Shakes
Favorite yoga pose and why: I love Crow Pose because I feel so many uplifting and energizing feelings at once: grounded, strong, supported, and free. 
Favorite post yoga snack: Tea or coffee if that counts as a snack.
Top 3 Emojis: ✨💖🌞
Five-word mantra: "Don't sweat the small stuff."

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Clara Hayes

Theme song for your life: It's a tie between Black as Night by Nahko and How Far I'll Go from Moana.
Favorite yoga pose and why: Forward fold and plow are my jam lately. 
Favorite post yoga snack: A glob of peanut butter and maybe an apple.
Top 3 Emojis: 👍😍😈
Five-word mantra: "What would Shia LaBoeuf do? "



Jackie Cawthon

Theme song for your life: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Favorite yoga pose and why: Headstand because I love being upside down!
Favorite post yoga snack: Avocado toast and a green smoothie.
Top 3 Emojis: 💕😂💪
Five-word mantra: "Expect nothing, and appreciate everything."

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Andi Lozano

Theme song for your life: Something in the Water by Brooke Fraser
Favorite yoga pose and why: Pigeon Pose. It makes my entire body feel lengthened and long, and I love the upright variations!
Favorite post yoga snack: Avocado Toast.
Top 3 Emojis: 🙃💕💁🏼
Five-word mantra: "Wake up and choose joy."

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Teri Williams

Theme song for your life: No Pain by DJDS
Favorite yoga pose and why: Downward Facing Dog - it makes me feel strong. It strengthens my entire body. I pride myself on being strong so I gravitate to strong poses!
Favorite post yoga snack: I don’t think I have a favorite post yoga snack. Lol if I do then it’s prob not very yogi like lol!
Top 3 Emojis: 😬💕💪
Five-word mantra: "You don’t know my life!"

yoga teacher

Jessica Cross

Theme song for your life: Learning to Fly
Favorite yoga pose and why: Headstand because I thought I'd never stand on my head! We can make the impossible possible through practice. 
Favorite post yoga snack: Almond butter straight from the jar. 
Top 3 Emojis: 💖✨😂
Five-word mantra: "Let your body guide you."


Sepi Jafari

Studio Owner

Theme song for your life: Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya, but some days its Bounce Back by Big Sean.
Favorite yoga pose and why: Dancer's pose, its a full front body opener all while having fun trying to balance. Plus it makes me feel like a ballet dancer.
Favorite post yoga snack: Maple and Sea Salt Rx bar and a kombucha.
Top 3 Emojis: 💖😬👍
Five-word mantra: "You only get one life."

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Todd Cline

Theme song for your life: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!
Favorite yoga pose and why: Skandasana. It makes me feel like a ninja.
Favorite post yoga snack: The Wundershowzen from JuiceLand
Top 3 Emojis: 😊👍😎
Five-word mantra: "When in doubt, Child's Pose."

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Candice Gerdes

Theme song for your life: For this season of my life- Beyoncé “Run the World (Girls)”
Favorite yoga pose and why: Any heart opener.  Keeping an open heart is so important to me, and I feel so energized and powerful when I expand and give space to receive.
Favorite post yoga snack: smoothie from Soup Peddler and a big handful of almonds.
Top 3 Emojis: ✌️💕✨
Five-word mantra: "I release what’s not helpful."

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Susan Gebhard

Theme song for your life: Where is my Mind? by The Pixies
Favorite yoga pose and why: Tree Pose because I absolutely adore trees and have been known to occasionally hug them.
Favorite post yoga snack: Eggs and toast.
Top 3 Emojis: 😬🌙💕
Five-word mantra: "Everything is gonna be alright."

nickie soul strong yoga

Nickie Hebert

Theme song for your life: Mahna Mahna (from the Muppets)
Favorite yoga pose and why: Eka Pada Koundinyasana II. One day, the pose just happened. It was one of those "ah-ha" moments that reminded me that you are always capable of things you never think you could do.
Favorite post yoga snack: Anything that is at eye level in my fridge.
Top 3 Emojis: ❤️💩😉
Five-word mantra: "I am enough." -not 5 words, but I try to keep it simple.

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Hannah Rose Friend

Theme song for your life: Crazy by Aerosmith                            Favorite yoga pose and why: Half-Moon! Because it’s the perfect balance between struggle and ease. When you find that sweet spot in the pose, your body opens, lengthens, and strengthens all at once! pure magic😍
Favorite post yoga snack: blueberry mango smoothie!
Five-word mantra: "I breathe through it all." 💕💕✨✨✨😊😊             

Jill Birt

Jill Birt, RN

Them song for your life: Giving Thanks by Steve Poltz                Favorite yoga pose and why: Headstand - I often wake up with a head full of "to do", I love beginning my day with headstand, I mostly love it because it brings mental clarity and focus to prepare me for a morning sit in meditation and breath practice, which set me up for the day. It relives stress, flushes the adrenal glands and aids digestion.  Also I love how practicing it has significantly improved my back, shoulder and core strength.        Favorite post yoga snack: Avocado toast with honey, red pepper flakes and salt & pepper. 
Five-word mantra: "My attention is my prayer."

Samantha Solbrig
Malia Cannon.jpeg

Samantha Solbrig

Theme song for your life: Best Life, Cardi B
Favorite yoga pose and why: Child’s pose, I feel completely surrendered and safe and at home my head being supported by the Earth below. SO good.
Favorite post yoga snack:  Kombucha or juice
Top Emojis: 👑✨
Five-word mantra: "Here, now, I am peace."

Malia Cannon

Theme song for your life: Your Hand in Mine- Explosions in the Sky
Favorite yoga pose and why: Supported Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined bound angle). I love using ALL the props so I can feel completely held. I’ve found so much clarity and restoration in this pose. 
Favorite post yoga snack: Fruit smoothie
Top Emojis: 🙈💕✨
Five-word mantra: "Always choose love over fear."


If you are interested in teaching at Soul Strong Yoga, please email us at info@soulstrongyogatx.com.