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Connect with Your POWERFUL Intuition Daily

Journey into Your Intuition: Incredible Meditation Tips from Valentina of HAPPYYOU HAPPYME

Written By: Julie Afsahi and Valentina Febres Alvarez

I am so honored to have Valentina, meditation teacher and owner of HAPPYOU HAPPYME, with us! I have a meditation practice but still find it difficult to listen to my own intuition and find answers from within. I also find it hard to know the difference between my own thought patterns and innate wisdom when meditating, so I am so very thankful to have Valentina to help me learn more about accessing my own innate wisdom with my meditation practice. I CANNOT express how excited I am to learn more about finding my truth from within!


1.   How might a person start to access their intuition through a meditation practice?


When we meditate, we work with our breath to slow down our nervous system. Our body relaxes and our thoughts slow down. When this happens, we create the ideal environment for our Subconscious mind to emerge. And our intuition comes from that space, which we all have access to, the space where the infinite source of energy flows, and where we’re all connected. That’s why it feels so good and insightful.


By having a regular meditation practice, you are allowing for your conscious mind to step aside, to be in the background, so to speak, and you’re letting the Subconscious mind be in the foreground, to provide you with the information that you need to get.


That’s why during a meditation session, you hear teachers say things like, “now it’s a good time to ask your Subconscious mind…” or, “you can ask your guidance to show you…” Because at that point, the mind and the body are relaxed, and in tune with that source of energy that we all can connect with, and we’re all part of. Every single human being can achieve a successful connection with their intuition, but not all of them find the patience to practice it. I enjoy helping people get there because I was someone who struggled with patience too 🙂


2. Do you have any tips or guidance on how to ask your intuition for answers during meditation?

Yes, when we go into meditation it’s very important to start with an intention. If your intention is to get specific guidance, you can ask before beginning the practice. A good way to do this is to call in that unlimited source of energy you believe in. It needs to be the one you genuinely connect with, because this is a practice that only works when it’s genuine, when it comes from the heart.

All the representations of that divine energy come from the same source, but what makes it powerful is your unique connection to the way you experience yours, that’s why we need to be careful not to use one that was just taught to us, but one that speaks to us. The one that brings up that innate trust in the existence of infinite love and life. When you connect to that, you ask for what you want to experience, and you will receive it. If the connection is not genuine, meaning that you don’t experience that trust, you would likely not get a clear answer or have doubts on having it done correctly.

When we experience a genuine and unique communication with our infinite source of energy, “magic” happens.

3. How can a person distinguish between their own thought patterns and their intuition speaking to them?

That is the most important question I’ve been asked and the one I enjoy the most working with. Because that’s why I meditate, to have that clarity in my life and not be fooled by my ego.

Image of Meditation Teacher Valentina

I would not be able to tell you how you receive information and insights from your intuition, but I can guide you to distinguish them. I can tell my intuition apart from my thought patterns, by practicing mindfulness regularly. It’s not hard, it just takes interrupting that thought pattern that we don’t even realize it’s there, until we do.


Even though I can’t tell you exactly what to expect when your intuition is speaking to you, I can give you a few general pointers on how you can distinguish messages coming from your thought patterns, your programming, or your ego, versus from the messages that you are receiving from your Subconscious mind, your communication with the universal energy, or you innate wisdom.


When the ego (your thought pattern) speaks it feels as if the mind’s trying to get information or trying to edit or judge the way things are. When intuition speaks, we are not trying anything, we are allowing, which is a slight but big difference. This difference reflects in the mind as a tension or a pulling, versus an openness or lightness, and it can be perceived easier when the mind is relaxed.

There’s a sense of knowing that doesn’t need explaining when we hear it from a deeper place. Whereas when we experience doubt and we must make sense out of what has happened, or we need to prove it to someone, it’s not coming from a creative source, it’s coming from a program or a need to satisfy the ego.


4. Tell us about HAPPYOU HAPPYME and meditation resources and opportunities you offer.


I have four different offerings. You can find all the details about these opportunities on my website at:


Monthly Meditation Program, called Change Your World from Within. The program is based in concentration techniques I have learned through studying with meditation and hypnosis experts, with effective ways to influence our Subconscious mind and be able to change the outcomes we don’t like from our life with ease, changing them from within. Every month we explore different themes related to strengthening and developing the tools needed to become the best version of ourselves. We do it all by influencing the most powerful resource we have, one that no one taught us; our Subconscious mind. Joining the monthly program is the best way to be engaged, and the most cost efficient too, I enjoy keeping in touch with my people and hearing from their progress and setbacks, we’re all in the same boat!


Weekly Sunday Online Meditation at 10:15am Central Time. It’s a live 10-minute meditation that’s different every Sunday. I create these meditations from the intuitive guidance I receive and from the needs I feel in connection with my community.


Private Sessions for Spiritual Regression and Spiritual Communication. We work together in a 2-hour session to communicate with your timeless self, your soul, and the spiritual team you have. In this session we progressively relax the body and the mind to enter a brain wave where no conscious effort is required, we ask the questions that we have and experience what we are ready to experience. We can have a conversation with our Subconscious mind, if you so choose, or you can go to your past experiences, those that are not in your conscious mind and you want to learn from, to make spiritual progress in this lifetime. I offer group Regression sessions as well, twice a year.


Opportunities to create the habit of meditation. These can be live or recorded programs that help you develop this valuable habit and can transform the way life is approached. If they’re recorded, you can do them in your own time with an audio I email you, I like to stay in touch. Being engaged with these trainings is the best way to stay motivated.


My fifth and final offering is through an app called Insight Timer. It’s a free app with access to great teachers in the mindfulness field, and I recently had the honor to have a few of my meditations posted there. You can find me as: Valentina Febres Alvarez, and Follow me in this link:


The habit of meditation is about all of us making a difference 🙂


5. Anything else you would like to share?


Yes, the practice of meditation when paired with yoga is very powerful. Our portal to the divine that’s most accessible to us is through the body, and when we’re attuned to its sensations we can truly be in the present moment. This attunement is what is required for the practice of embodiment I teach to manifest what you want in your life, with ease. Yoga helps me have a stable connection with this portal (my body) and I pair it with my meditation practice to maximize my efforts, which is very rewarding and illuminating!


This year is the 10th anniversary of HAPPYOU HAPPYME and I would like to celebrate it with a combination of these two powerful and rewarding practices, maybe we can celebrate it together!


Thank you for having me, I love this heart centered community and I believe we’re all here to make a difference, and I’d love to help us discover what that difference is, in each of us.