online yoga teacher training worth it

Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Really Worth It?

By: Julie & Janelle

The short answer: it depends!

Take home message: Self-paced, online learning can be transformative and rich, but it does take discipline. You also need to find a yoga teacher training program that is alignment with your heart and offers ample, personalized support.

Because of long periods of isolation during the pandemic, people have become more and more accustomed to online learning. In some cases, it’s absolutely life-changing, and in others, people can’t look at a screen for one more minute. I have friends who have picked up new skills that they never dreamed of before: one became certified in Japanese Tea Ceremonies and another is a Master Reiki Healer!

As a provider of high-quality yoga teacher training in both in-person spaces and online, I have found that there are two main types of people who love doing yoga teacher training online. Obviously, there are others, but from my experience, I find that people in these two groups are super happy to find an online self-paced program that works for them!

One type is the trainee who LOVES moving at their own pace and is disciplined enough to do so. They enjoy being in control of when and where they work on their yoga teacher training — this is often a student who finds so much pleasure in sitting with a hot cup of tea and mindfully moving through their training. They’re great at regularly setting aside time to work through the 200-hour yoga teacher training.

The second type of successful trainee is one who is so thankful to find a program that actually works for their busy schedule or their remote location. This might be a person who works long hours, frequently travels, or lives far away from a studio program. These trainees are excited to find an opportunity that really works for their lifestyle.

Our team at Soul Strong Yoga has put together 5 reasons to consider taking a yoga teacher training online, and we’d love to share them with you!

1.      Everyone is Welcome in Online Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT)

Regardless of your age, profession, or geographical location, online yoga teacher training is available for everyone. Beginners or advanced students will be provided with the right tools and interactive lessons designed professionally to give you a high-quality learning experience. You will have a chance to be taught by instructors from different parts of the world, who will give you a long-term support system. In addition to this, you’ll be a part of an international online community!

2.      Online YTT & Learning from the Safety of Home

As we know with the unpredictability of COVID variants, it may be best to stay at home. Many of us are immune-compromised or have love ones who are, so we need to isolate more than other people. Choosing to get your certification online will not only be safer for you and your family, but you are also free to enjoy the perks of home. Whether you want to study from the comforts of your bedroom or living room and have time to do household chores, take care of the children, and go back to class without any worry, then an online yoga teacher training program is an excellent option.

3.      Online YTT can be Cost-Effective

Aside from avoiding the hassle of traffic, the reduced financial cost is an additional advantage in taking online classes. Virtual learning is less expensive than in-person yoga teacher training because it eliminates transportation expenses, parking costs, and hidden fees for study materials, special classes, and studio or gym membership.

A lot of online yoga teacher training classes offer different packages that will suit your needs and budget.

4.      Online YTT is Convenient and has Lifetime Access to Digital Course Materials

All your lessons are done online and are conveniently available through apps, mobile phones, or computers.  Students will enjoy the benefit of getting unlimited access to electronic course materials, which means no bulky printouts, easy to store, and more environment friendly.

5.      Online YTT Prepares You to Earn Through Your Passion

A lot of times, when you wish to chase after that dream job, you end up quitting a full-time career so you can focus your energy on achieving it. Opting for online classes gives you more flexibility and you don’t have to be stressed out in following a meticulously scheduled calendar. After obtaining your instructor certification, there are online yoga training programs that will help you set up your own yoga business, establish your brand, and build your customer contact list. 

The Future of Yoga

While yoga studios and gyms are gradually opening up their doors, online yoga training is here to stay, because of the benefits you just can’t experience from anywhere else.

If you’re interested in an online, self-paced vinyasa yoga teacher training with more one-on-one support than most other programs, we invite you to check out ours at Our Online Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance certification program and 5-Star Rated with Yoga Alliance.