A New Normal and the Pressure to Bounce Back

By Clara Hayes

As the United States continues to reopen and we get back into the swing of things, are you feeling like you’re struggling to keep up? While lockdown was extremely difficult, and many are recovering from incredible loss, going back to “normal” can feel hard, too. For more than a year, the pace of many of our lives slowed down. A good portion of folks stopped commuting, had more time at home, and experienced less stimulation in the forms of people, places, and interactions. Some of us took time to reflect on some of the greater meaning our lives hold as we’ve realized just how short they can be cut. A lot of us experienced a decline in our mental health, and are leaving this period of time with a newfound level of anxiety, burnout, or maybe even depression. And it might feel like just when you were able to catch your breath, the world started to speed up full-force. 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, well… of course you are! And if you’re feeling the pressure to bounce back and suddenly be right back in your old routine, back in the gym, in yoga classes, out with friends, flying to see family, and scheduling that long awaited haircut, we invite you to slow down. Breathe. Take things one step at a time. Maybe even carve out some time each day to mourn the past year and start to process all that you’ve been through. There’s no rush to take steps forward if being right where you are is already difficult enough. You don’t need to do everything at once and you don’t have to be the person you were before experiencing a global pandemic. 

Remember that we’re here for you. Your yoga practice is here for you as a safe space to breathe and slow things down. We hope that whatever you’ve gone through, and whatever you’re still going through, only continues to heal. 

If you’re in need of assistance beyond what the yoga practice can offer, please check out our Providers We Love page on our website. Here you’ll find resources for finding therapists, crisis hotlines, body workers, health coaching, physical therapy, and more.