The Benefits of Mindfulness: Connecting the Mind and Body for Powerful Results

In this day and age, we are surrounded by the things that help us do everything more efficiently while multitasking. We think and do things faster and faster with the aid of technology and modern-day living. But, the dark side is that society demands us to crash and burn. Oftentimes, our mind and body slowly succumb to burnout even without us noticing; all because we feel the need to keep up. 

With the abrupt changes caused by the pandemic, we are faced with what we call the “new normal.” We might be juggling temporary unemployment, distance learning of children, isolation, working from home, and fear. These can all be very taxing on our nervous systems.

Mindfulness is a BEAUTIFUL and PROVEN way for you to pause and breathe, enjoy the moment, and be aware of your thoughts on a daily basis. A lot of us suffer from loneliness, stress, burnout, and possibly even depression due to the sudden global epidemic, but being mindful is one way to work towards well-being and contentment, especially in these trying times. 

If you wish to practice mindfulness, here are five fabulous side-effects:

1.   Mindfulness Enhances Mental Well-being 

Mindfulness guides you to prioritize your asipirations and goals, thus, increasing your focus on how to achieve them, rather than constantly thinking about your regrets and frustrations in life.

According to Dr. Dana DiRenzo of Johns Hopkins, mindfulness “prevents negative thoughts on the past or negative “what if” thoughts of the future. This means that having a calm mind means less stress, anxiety-inducing thoughts, insomnia, and chronic headaches.  

2.   Mindfulness Improves Physical Health  

Being mindful develops your ability for self-awareness and control. It helps you distinguish and avoid harmful behaviors, making self-care a priority. You are more motivated to be move your body and eat with joy, thus feeling even better.

3.   Mindfulness Builds Strong Relationships

Applying mindfulness means you withhold judgment and approach situations in a more open and kinder perspective. Studies show that mindfulness maintains healthier relationships with others as it aids you with your emotional-regulation skills. Being mindful of your actions and emotions can help you become a better peer to your friends.

4. Mindfulness Improves Resistance to Illnesses

Most of us believe in the power of diet and exercise to nourish our immune system, but what we don’t consider is achieving a tranquil mind. Our brain controls every organ in our body, including our immune system. Being mindful contributes to having a strong immune system, which reinforces your body to combat illnesses. 

5. Mindfulness Increases Productivity

A healthy mind is indeed a healthy body. No matter how you choose to improve your health, starting with your mind is always a good start. Once the mind is set, the body will follow. There are several methods to achieve mindfulness, and you are best served by exploring and choosing what fits your lifestyle.

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