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The Path of Meditation: An Interview with Shira

By Clara Hayes

We are thrilled to host the incredible Shira for a meditation series to kick off the New Year. Join her for Soularize: A New Year Virtual Meditation Series January 4th-8th from 7:30-8:00 AM on Zoom.
To introduce Shira to our SSY community, we were fortunate enough to interview her about her experience as a certified meditation instructor and her upcoming series. Shira completed her Meditation Instructor certification from Chopra Global in May 2019. She is a regular meditator and an experienced teacher. She has a deep desire to promote wholesome well-being and expanded awareness among all of us who are ready to tune in. Check out the interview below!

1) Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into meditation and find yourself on this path of teaching?

 With a Master’s degree in Child Development, I have been so fortunate to serve as an educator for young children as well as adults as a career all my life. My deep motivation for understanding human behavior and its source has led to a delightful journey that continues to hold new depths of fascination for me now. 

In my personal life, everything was flowing smoothly with serenity and security. Until, a few years ago, some events made my world tremble and quiver with some earth-shaking questions. This turned into a wake-up call for going into a search for the cause of human suffering. I knew I was not alone in coping and dealing with these questions. 

I found my answers in meditation. 

Knowing our essential identity releases us from the prison of suffering. This eternal wisdom resonated with me completely. With this healing insight, I chose to become a certified instructor in meditation from the Chopra foundation in 2018. A regular meditation practice builds total well-being by bridging connections between body, mind and soul. Just as physical exercise strengthens body muscles, and mental exercise strengthens brain muscles, meditation strengthens spiritual muscles.

Unleashing the power of meditation for myself and others is now my strongest desire!.


2) Where does this series name come from? What inspired Soularize?

The name ‘Soularize’ comes from a realization that we can be the cause of our thoughts, words and deeds rather than at the effect of them. The Soularize series originates from the timeless Yogic teachings of India, some 5,000 years ago. Soularize will demystify these essential teachings for one and all to embrace easily in a user-friendly way.

Soularize is inspired by a true yearning which we all share to connect with our true selves and with each other. We will thus raise the quality of our living through expanded awareness.

3) What does the transition into the New Year mean to you? How is this reflected in your personal meditation practices (if at all)? And in your teachings?

The year 2020 has been globally challenging in profound ways. It has been a life-changing time with many lessons learned across the world. The New Year 2021 is our opportunity as individuals, to take the journey of evolution forward with renewed resolve to evolve to inner peace through the power of meditation.

A meditation practice keeps us grounded and in surrender to our real selves. It helps to keep us responding rather than reacting to events, circumstances and people. It empowers us to create our life rather than be a helpless victim to it.


4) Who is this series for and why should they take it?

The Soularize series is for everyone; For every person that is ready to build wholesome wellness and inner peace; For every person that needs self-empowerment; For every person that is working toward healthier choice-making; For beginning, intermediate and advanced meditators.

The best gift we can give to ourselves and to the world is our own personal and spiritual growth. This is why everyone who feels that this statement rings true should take Soularize.


5) Any tips for beginning meditators?

An important tip for beginning meditators is that, as Dr. Deepak Chopra says, your mind already knows how to meditate. You just have to take advantage and enter the quiet that is already there 🙂

Meditation is your key to your true self. And you hold this key. Soularize will show you how to turn it!