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The Art of Private Lessons: Make it YOUR Practice

Clara Hayes

Have you ever left a yoga class feeling like you didn’t get quite what your body needed? It’s happened to all of us. The yoga practice is vast and the needs of every person in the room are always different. One person might request hip strengtheners, while your hips feel tight. Another student might request core work, when you went hard at bootcamp yesterday. But fear not! While it’s true that the typical 60-minute public yoga class is usually the instructor’s pre-planned sequence, the space we hold at Soul Strong is really for you to do what YOU need to do for your body. 

Oftentimes in class, instructors try to cue things like “make this practice your own” or “find any variation that feels good” to remind you of that permission. Ultimately, we want you to take what you need and leave the rest. Move like YOU! But many of us have also felt lost hearing this cue. How exactly does one make this practice “their own”? How does one first approach moving freely in a public space without being self-conscious? Or maybe you’ve been confronted time and time again with this classic situation: everyone in class is in a wide-legged forward fold when the instructor cues “feel free to find a headstand if you’d like”… and you’re over there silently wondering “HOW???” If any of these situations sound like you, it might be time to look into private lessons.

Our second ever post on the Soul Strong blog went up in June of 2018, outlining our top 5 reasons to take a private yoga lesson (read it HERE). While our top 5 reasons still remain relevant, what our instructors can now offer in those lessons has expanded far and wide! A little over a year in business, it’s crazy beautiful to see how much our community, and our services, have expanded! As our community has grown, so has our talented staff. So when it comes to private lessons, you can now contact Jessica for all things sound therapy, Adrienne and Anabelle for BUTI yoga, and Sepi to learn restorative. Get in touch with myself (Clara) and Julie to learn about adaptive yoga practices and chair yoga, find Nicki for hip health, and Sarah and Jill for prenatal/postnatal. Maura can give your entire family a private lesson, from crawlers onward! And a handful of different instructors here can help you learn everything from meditation to inversions. The list could truly go on, but in short, we’re here to help you. 

We want your practice to be just that: YOUR practice! Tell us what you need and we’re happy to serve it up. Book your private lesson now by emailing info@soulstrongyoga.com. Buy a package of 5 private lessons for the price of 4! Can’t book a private? Try a new instructor from our growing team! Check out our class schedule HERE

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