Release What’s No Longer Serving You! The Moon Magic and Gong Flow Series.

As I sat typing out the following interview with Soul Strong co-owner and yoga instructor Sepideh Jafari, I remembered that today (March 6th) is the new moon. The timing could not have been better to manifest great vibes for our upcoming Moon Magic and Flow Series! Sepi and Jessica Cross, another beloved Soul Strong instructor and sound therapist, have put together an incredible series that will guide you through yoga asana, sound therapy and ritual for two full moons and two new moons in 2019. You can purchase the whole series, HERE and attend all four events throughout the year at a discounted rate. You can also purchase the passes individually HERE, starting with the upcoming Crow Moon event on March 22nd.

The Moon Magic events will be transformational, as we draw on the powers of the moon to guide us. Check out the interview with Sepi below to learn more about the events, as well as the magic of the moon!  And be sure to snag your spot for March 22nd’s Crow Moon yoga experience!

Tell me about the powers of the moon. Why is being in tune with it important to the yogic lifestyle?

Sepi: The moon represents a lot- feminine energy, the tides change with the moon. We do sun salutations everyday but moon salutations get overlooked. By taking the time to tune into the moon, it’s really just another way to take a step back and evaluate yourself. It’s Svadhyaya (self-study), which is one of the Niyamas (Internal Practices) of yoga.

What’s the difference between practicing yoga on a full moon verses a new moon?

Sepi: The Full Moon is when you practice letting go of things that are no longer serving you, cleansing. The New Moon is about bringing things in, manifestation.

What inspired you and Jessica to create this series?

Sepi: I love moon manifesting. It’s a great time to set an intention and manifest more of what you want to bring into your life. And I love Jessica’s sound work and wanted us to do more with the gong. The gong has a really strong vibration so it’s perfect for something like this. By doing a series, we get to reflect in all four seasons when there are big changes and your focus changes. The first one, the Crow Moon, aligns with the Equinox.

What can students expect when attending the series?

Sepi: When folks arrive, we’ll give them pen and paper to write what they want to release and bring in.  Then we’ll move through Moon Salutations – it’s more legs and standing, not like a vinyasa. Then we’ll get everyone settled in a comfortable, restorative savasana. From there, Jessica will play the gong and chimes. Afterwards, there will be a warm beverage- golden milk or a cacao drink. Students have the option to stick around a little longer and go outside for an optional palo santo cleanse.

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