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Find Your Flow: The Intro to Vinyasa Workshop

Clara Hayes

As both Soul Strong’s official blogger & a yoga instructor, it is an honor to write the following post directly to our amazing students regarding my upcoming workshop. I cannot wait to share this Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga workshop with y’all on Saturday, September 15th from 2-4PM. Whether you’re a regular at Soul Strong, or another studio, you may have noticed that most classes these days are simply titled “Flow.” But what exactly does that mean & why is it so popular? Well, the “Flow” is actually referring to Vinyasa Flow, a style of yoga that for the most part, is based off of the original & ancient power yoga – Ashtanga Vinyasa – which links together poses with vinyasas (plank → chaturanga → up dog → down dog). Ashtanga Yoga, founded by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, is directly linked to the father of Yoga- Krishnamacharya- who taught Jois. So, if your friends poke fun at you for your trendy yoga practice, you can now remind them that this practice has ancient roots! In this workshop, we seek to honor those roots by diving deeper. Not only will we be refining our alignment, learning modifications & exercises to sustain your vinyasa practice for life, but we will also be learning a bit of the history behind the practice.

While this all sounds great, I do want to take a moment to emphasize why I’m teaching this workshop now. Vinyasa yoga is the branch of yoga where folks are most commonly injured. Refining your vinyasa alignment is key to being a lifelong practitioner, and honestly, just a natural step in the life of a yogi. By taking this workshop, you’ll learn all the secret tricks to finding that 90 degree bend in your chaturanga, you’ll learn how to build the strength to lower from plank all the way to the floor with control, you’ll learn how to protect your low back in upward facing dog. All of those things there’s never enough time for in a drop-in class! And if you’re new to yoga, there’s no better way to get started than to learn proper form!

I so look forward to flowing with all of you, & assisting you in deepening your practice. Shoot me a DM on instagram (@clarakhayes) if you have any questions about the workshop!

Book the workshop HERE. Saturday, September 15th from 2-4PM. $30

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