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Why Take a Private Lesson?

Clara Hayes

As a modern-day yoga instructor, some of the best words I can hear are “I’d love to take a private lesson.” Why, you may ask, is one-on-one instruction my teaching dream? And quite possibly the dream of many students, too? To put it simply: the 60 minute public class only begins to touch the surface of what this practice is all about. While getting in an hour long flow whenever possible is an incredible way to stay grounded & fit throughout the week, private lessons allow students to dive deeper. In fact, the roots of yoga are far more grounded in the guru-yogi relationship than they are today, where practices were supported by the mentorship of a seasoned yogi. Here are my top five reasons for why private lessons are key to integrating the practice of yoga into a lifestyle of yoga.

  1. Safety 
    For students just beginning their yoga practice, or looking to test the waters of advanced asana, private lessons can offer more hands-on instruction, ensuring that you’re learning the proper form from the start. Learning good alignment habits from the get-go can help you create a sustainable practice: preventing injury & practicing yoga for life. In the public class setting, an instructor simply doesn’t have enough time to adjust every student in the room. Private lessons provide this individual attention.

  2. Complexity
    Have you ever wondered what “Om” means and why we chant it? Maybe you want to dive into spiritual theory and explore the Bhagavad Gita? Or are you confused by what the instructor means when they say “Shine your heart to the front of the room” or “Knit your ribs together”? Or you want to know where your sacrum is? Private lessons are for these very questions and needs. Then, it’s just about finding the right teacher to fit your needs. There are so many facets to yoga and private lessons allow you to explore these.

  3. Therapy  
    Yoga Therapy is another facet of yoga that is not taken advantage of enough. A qualified yoga therapist will be able to use the practice of yoga for healing on a deeper level. Yoga therapists create practices for almost everything: from yoga for PTSD, eating disorders and anxiety, to injuries, unique bodies and disabilities.

  4. Your Practice is Personal
    Whether or not you schedule a private lesson with a yoga therapist or a regular instructor, a private lesson provides you with the tools to customize your practice for your needs. Instructors can help you open up those tight hips, work towards a handstand or relax with some restorative postures.

  5. Connection
    The chance to connect one-on-one with a teacher can not only provide a clear direction for your physical practice, but it can make you feel supported on this physical/spiritual journey. After all, yoga is a practice. And the more you practice, the more you encounter bumps in the road, blocks, and struggles. The support of a teacher can help you feel less alone. Because after all, we’re all on this journey together.

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