Igniting the Chakras Through Vinyasa Yoga

Igniting the Chakras Through Vinyasa Yoga

Clara Hayes

Soul Strong Yogis, I write to you this week from Dharma Ranch in San Marcos, TX. I’ve taken myself on a solo-getaway for some…meditation. At first, I was calling it a vacation, but then I got here and how have I spent my time? Meditating, to be quite honest. To many, it would look like a truly boring vacation. It’s just been a time of sitting, doing nothing, thoughts arise, I come back to the breath and my surroundings, walk in the woods, thoughts arise, come back to the breath. I’d say my chakras are pretty damn aligned out here. Now while taking time for yourself can make it easier to find this flow, the truth is, you can tap into this kind of peace WHEREVER you go. Through yoga we seek to steady the fluctuations of the mind. The word yoga literally means “to yoke” or “union” and the practice itself acts as a bringing together of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies. Understanding the chakra system can be one of the most transformative yoga practices for living a more embodied life.

Yoga postures move stagnant energy in the body. Chakras are simply energy centers up and down the body that fluctuate through states of balance and imbalance. For example, an imbalanced heart chakra may cause you to be closed off, unable to receive love, and living from a place of fear. A balanced heart chakra openly accepts love, has healthy boundaries, and lives from a heartfelt place. Or when you’re ticked off in traffic? That’s your root chakra taking over, pulling your body into fight or flight for your survival. By understanding the chakra system, your practice automatically becomes more intentional. And being in touch with your own chakras will aid you in finding ease in the body no matter the circumstances.

On November 10th from 2:00PM to 4:00PM, Soul Strong will be hosting the incredible Amanda Leigh Oakley for The Warrior Within workshop. Amanda is a teacher of our wonderful teachers and Soul Strong owners, Julie and Sepi. This workshop will help you reignite each chakra, through the practice of Power Vinyasa, while providing you with tools to unlock tools to access your most vital self, or, as Amanda calls it “the warrior within you.”

To sign up for The Warrior Within on November 10th 2-4PM, click HERE.

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The Warrior Within Workshop –
A Power Vinyasa journey through the Chakras

Saturday, November 10, 2018
2:00 PM  4:00 PM
Soul Strong Yoga

Join Amanda on a Power Vinyasa journey through the Chakras. Reigniting each chakra while helping you unlock your own tools to embrace the powerful warrior that dwells within you. 

Amanda Leigh Oakley is fueled by the sun and powered by a wild heart.  Based in Austin, Amanda specializes in all levels of Power Vinyasa.  She strives to teach and execute a stimulating and dynamic practice that stays authentic in fluidity, physicality and emotion.  Endeavoring daily to lead with love and authenticity, she gently propels her students into taking risks and challenging themselves.  Her classes are invigorating for the soul and strongly rooted in alignment and the foundations of each posture.  Amanda is a heart based explorer who loves to inspire her students to keep diving deeper into the relationship with their breath, heart, body and spirit.  

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