foundations of yoga beginner series

Start Selling and Teaching Your Own Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series!

Yoga teachers, turn a profit now!

With our done-for-you Beginners Series, you can immediately start selling and leading your own workshop series! We are giving you everything you need to teach, market, and sell a profitable yoga series.

For only $99 USD, you get:

1. Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series Reference Guide

This guide is a high-quality 30-page printable PDF. You will have the right to make as many copies as you need for your clients. It’s beautifully organized and chock-full of useful yoga information, from philosophy to pranayama to fundamental asana. For example, we have included a breakdown of Sun Salutation A and 14 of the most common yoga postures, which they’ll appreciate safely exploring as beginners.

2. Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series Facilitator Notes

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These notes basically tell you all of our tried and true techniques for teaching a successful beginners yoga series. In the notes, we include sample schedules, marketing tips, and an outline of exactly how to break up the curriculum. We are sincerely handing you our most successful, easy-to-run program, so that you can earn money now and spread the joy of yoga. We want to give you high-quality and profitable tools so you can thrive.

3. Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series Marketing Materials

Easily promote your business right away with our professionally designed materials!

You’ll get:

  • Facebook and Instagram copy for your posts
  • 9 attractive easy-to-edit Facebook and Instagram feed and story graphics using Canva (3 of each)*
  • 3 gorgeous easy-to-edit flyers to share using Canva*

*You can use a free account with Canva to access and edit the above materials. It’s easy peasy.

Why teach a beginners series?

We have used our Foundations of Yoga Beginner Series guide for three years, and it’s our most popular series at our yoga studio!

Our Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series is transformational for our clients. After experiencing our Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series, many of the clients become our most dedicated studio members for the long haul.

Beginners yoga is a very, very hot market. We have had so many people reach out to us expressing that their doctor, therapist, loved one recommended that they try out yoga. You will become a sought-after resource for beginner yoga students in your community.

Remember, you will make your $99 USD back with the sale of a single Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series. For yoga series made up of 4 to 5 sessions, you will definitely want to price your time appropriately, so that you can be profitable the first round!

You’ll also become an expert at teaching a series that you can use again and again. There is no end to the beginners market. Fortunately for yoga teachers, our hearts align with our work, and you will be providing a service to your community through the benefits of starting a yoga practice.

How do I offer this?

With our series kit, you can run your series online, face-to-face with a group, or as a private series for an individual client! Let’s look at some numbers to get you excited!

  • Sell a 4-part Foundations of Yoga Beginners Series for $99 USD, with each session being 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Invest 2 hours into your social media and marketing.
  • Get just 4 students to join your program.
  • Earn over $50 USD an hour including the time you spent marketing and the price of printing the guide for your students! Yes, you are paying yourself for the time you spend building YOUR business. That’s right!

Refund Policy: Due to the fact that you downloaded our product, and we stand behind its worth, there are no refunds.

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