Buti® Yoga at Soul Strong

Class Offerings

Buti® Yoga -Tues/Thurs 6:45PM (309 W Main St.)

Buti® Yoga is unlike any yoga class you have ever experienced. Adrienne Gibson (who you can also find on Buti TV) recently returned from the Buti® Headquarters in Arizona and is now teaching at Soul Strong Yoga!!! Come sweat with us and find out why everyone is obsessing over Buti® Yoga.

What is Buti® Yoga? 

Buti is a Marathi Indian word meaning “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” BUTI is not all about BOOTY, but we will tone, lift and generally elevate all aspects of the physical and energetic bodies. Instead, Buti® is helping practitioners toward a deeper inner knowing of themselves through movement. Yoga means “to join, unite” or “yoke.” In yoga, the joining of the soul body and the physical body is achieved through a series of steps including physical movement, focus, breath work, ethical behavior and meditation, and the same is true of Buti®, where we work to soulfully blend power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning, and DEEP abdominal toning. Buti® also facilitates complete inner transformation, working inside out to release what is stagnant and unnecessary within the body. Students AND teachers are encouraged to let go of their minds and get all the way into their bodies. Classes are NOT pre-choreographed, moves will NOT go right to left, and combinations won’t go in order. LET GO OF COUNTING & KEEPING TRACK! Songs can go from light stretching to intense tribal dance in a matter of seconds. Let go of any judgement, accept yourself where you are, and let the rest happen. 

What Should I Expect? 

Music and movement incorporate chakra balancing techniques and activate Kundalini energy, a concentration of feminine energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine in all bodies, male and female alike. The movements are woven seamlessly throughout class culminating in a beautiful and full savasana and plenty of post-Buti® bliss.

Buti® uses the patented Spiral Structure Technique® to train the muscles of the core using opposing muscle pairs. Most core training is linear which over-works some muscles and, more importantly, misses the deep stabilizing muscles of the abdomen and does not incorporate strengthening through the back body. Spirals are key to creating stable, strong, and visible core abdominal muscles.

We won’t use a mic so you can let go of having to hear every cue (they’ll be minimal anyway). Trust that you will get the moves and even if you miss one, it’s ok. Just jump back into the energetic flow of the class as you can. 

We won’t modify movement. Instead we ask you to listen to your body. Buti® emphasizes the belief that many people restrict themselves from what’s considered difficult before even trying. Try, then do. You might amaze yourself. We don’t take breaks in Buti® so having water at your mat and taking small sips along the way is key.

What do I Wear/Bring? 

Buti Yoga

Wear comfortable yoga-type clothing. We will sweat, and body acceptance is encouraged - so minimized athletic apparel is more than acceptable. Bring a yoga mat, towel and water - or leave those items at home. The studio can provide you with mat rentals and water bottles for purchase.

Mat. Towel. Water. Soul.