October 4th-6th: Whole Body & Mind Reset Fall Yoga Retreat 2019

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From October 4th-6th, join Soul Strong Yoga in reconnecting with your truest, whole self in Wimberley at the gorgeous, rustic chic Ruby Retreats. Spend a luxurious weekend away, relaxing, and letting Soul Strong Yoga pamper you, while going deeper into your yoga journey. Take time to restore, fill your cup (maybe with wine), and book a massage. 

The theme of our weekend is self-care. We will not just be enjoying time for self-care while away on vacation, but also sending you back to real life with new habits of daily self-care. On this note, we are over the moon because health expert, Karen Shopoff Rooff, is giving her fabulous self-care workshop on Saturday! Enjoy Karen’s celebrated Self-Care: Beyond the Bathtub workshop! Karen will ask us to think beyond bubble baths and massages to a life where self-care is made up of systems of support that nurture us every day!

At the Whole Body & Mind Reset Fall Retreat 2019, you will be provided with gourmet, abundant vegetarian (with gluten-free options) meals and snacks. With your well-nourished bellies and fresh air in your lungs, Julie and Sepi will be leading you through yoga flows, meditation, pranayama, and restorative experiences. At the charming Ruby Retreats, you can be as contemplative or as social as you’d like to be, enjoying time with new and old yogi friends. We will provide a healing, beautiful space for you to just be you.

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